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Урок "Going to the City of London."

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Урок-подорож дає можливість поглибити знання з теми «London», удосконалювати комунікативні здібності учнів, практикувати мовну діяльність; активізувати лексику по темі, розширювати словниковий запас. - розвивати уміння порівнювати і узагальнювати матеріал, висловити свою думку англійською мовою; розвивати кругозір учнів, стимулювати учнів до самостійного пошуку додаткової інформації по темі. - виховувати пошану та інтерес до культури країни та її мови
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Travelling around London

Мета:  -поглибити знання з теми  «London», удосконалювати комунікативні здібності учнів, практикувати мовну діяльність; активізувати лексику по темі, розширювати словниковий запас.

      - розвивати уміння порівнювати і узагальнювати матеріал, висловити свою думку англійською мовою; розвивати кругозір учнів, стимулювати учнів до самостійного пошуку додаткової інформації по темі.

      - виховувати пошану та  інтерес до культури країни та її мови.

Форма уроку: Урок - подорож


I.  Підготовка до сприйняття іншомовного мовлення.

1. Організаційний момент.

Good morning, children. I’m happy to greet you at our English lesson. So, we are at our English lesson and I have some questions to you. You are ready to answer them, aren’t you? Let’s get started. And answer my question, please.

- Why do you study English?

Is it important to know English nowadays?

Is English your favourite subject?

St. 1 – I study English because I think it’s very important to know English nowadays. I want to speak English, to read English books in original, I’m fond of English songs and I want to have some pen-friends abroad.

St. 2 – Yes, I agree with you. Language helps us have friends. I’m sure, the more languages you know the better. The greatest German poet Goethe said “He who knows no foreign language doesn’t know his own one.” So, “Live and learn.”

St.3 – I know that knowledge of English is power. The more man knows the more useful and needed he is. We need English everywhere and every day. Knowledge helps us in our life.

St.4 – I like to study English, because practically there is no man who doesn’t know some languages. Some people know only their native language, others spend a lot of time to learn foreign ones. But “Many men, many minds.”  As for me I like to study English.

St.5 -  I’d like to tell you that my hobby is Maths  and  computers. Especially for computers I need to know English. That’s why it is necessary to know English to be more educated and even modern.

T. - I absolutely agree with you. You can’t imagine what  important person you will be with knowledge of English. I think the whole world will be open to you.

II.  Основна частина уроку.

1. Актуалізація знань. 

So “A good beginning is a half of battle.” And now I propose you to speak about The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We’ve learnt a lot about Great Britain. It’s such an interesting country, isn’t it? Now I propose to complete the crossword answering my questions. After that you see all the countries which make the UK.


 - What do you know about this country?

St. – The official name of the country we usually call England or Great Britain is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The British can easily reach the sea from any place of their country. It lies on a group of islands called the British Isles. They are washed by the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea, the English Channel and the Irish Sea. The national emblem of England is a rose. As well as being the capital of England, London is the capital of the United Kingdom. It stands on the river Thames. There are many bridges on it. London is one of the largest cities in the world. Nearly 9 mln. people live there .

T. -   So, welcome to London. I propose to make an excursion around this city, OK? And of course, your knowledge about London will help us. Let me introduce you our girl-guides. During your stay in London you are going to have a lot of excursions around the city and we’ll meet with British schoolchildren. They are waiting for you. Our travelling is going to start.


 Hell, ladies and gentlemen,

I’m your guide, my name is Ann.

You are welcome. I’m sure,

You’ll enjoy the London tour.

I suppose you are fit.

Lovely weather, isn’t it?

In the morning they forecast

Bright and clear day at last.

First of all Trafalgar Square

We shall start exactly there

This is as you understand,

 Famous Nelson’s Monument.

Girl-guide 2

 Every men and even baby

Knows: It’s Westminster Abbey,

If you famous writer honour,

We shall see the Poet’s corner.

Let’s proceed with our tour

Have a look at London Tower

And, of course, its ravens black

We shall watch and then come back.

Many places in the town

Are connected with the Crown.


 - And the best among of them

Is the Palace Buckingham:

Now let us have a walk

Just in front – Big Ben, the clock.

It is known day and night

Says tick-tock with all its might.

And for people loving art

The National Gallery stands apart.

You will have a satisfaction

If you look at its collection

Here, in London, you can find

Theatres of any kind.

And for music lovers all

Is the Royal Albert Hall.

Girl-guide 2

 - It’s the moment heaven-sent –

We see the Houses of Parliament.

It’s a building long and gray

The British Government’s stay.

If you go down Whitehall

On the right hand after all

You will find Downing Street –

Boris Johnson dwells in it.

Shopping center’s Oxford Street,

There are hundred shops in it.

Many things, I beg your pardon

You can buy in Covert Garden.

Now we are going to watch

St.Paul’s Cathedral, famous church.

Wren, the famous architect

Made its wonderful project.


 - In a lot of London’s parks

You can walk until is dark,

Deer can you feed and ducks.

If you visit London’s parks.

If you have the only chance

Go to Hyde Park at once,

At the Speaker’s Corner stay

Just to listen to what they say.

Well, you see, I’m not surprised.

All of you have recognized

It is not the Colisium,

You see British wonderful Museum.


 - It was very interesting to listen to. But I have a question. Who was the founder of London? What was London’s name then?


 - Let me answer you. I’ve read a lot about London and I know that London was founded by the Romans in 43 A.D. and was called Londinium. Now this territory is occupied by the City, the London’s commercial and business center.




 - By the way here is situated the Tower of London. Do you know that it’s one of the most famous historical places.


We know that first it was a fortress then it served as a Royal palace and later a state prison. Now it is a museum.


 - That’s right. But during its long period of existence it was time when the Tower was even a zoo. It was a Royal Zoo. Some leopards and lions were kept there. You can see state pensioners here, they are ravens. There are only 6 of them nowadays, but  there were a lot of ravens in old times. There is a legend that as long as there are ravens at the Tower, Britain will continue to exist.


 - It is a pity we can’t see now the men that guard the tower. I saw them in the picture. Their clothes are quite fantastic.


 - You are right. They are Yeomen of the Queen’s Guard. They are called “Beefeaters.” You are dressed in traditional medieval clothes. And it makes the old historic place look still more fantastic and theatrical.


 - I think we should go to the museum, because I like museums very much. My favourite one is the British Museum. It’s the most famous museum in Britain, Schoolchildren often have lessons there. Frankly speaking I ‘m crazy about art. I think practically there is no man who doesn’t like art. Some people like classical art, others prefer modern one. Of course, “Tastes differ.” I’m interested in art and  often visit picture galleries in my native town. If I’m not mistaken it is one of the best galleries in our region. And where will you advise us to go to see the paintings by famous British artists?


Well, I think you must go to Trafalgar Square in the center of the west End of London. On the North side of the square is the national Gallery and in the north-east corner is the National Portrait Gallery.


Sorry, but we haven’t said a word about the traffic in London. As for me I prefer the underground.


I think, it’s very good for a big city.

Planes are quicker than the trains.

Trains are cheaper than the planes.

I like travelling on foot

It makes me healthier and good.

If you want to travel fast

Take a plane/ a train/ a bus?

If you want to be on time

Always choose the airlines.


If you visit the farthest land

Book your ticket beforehand.

If you want to go far

Then you need a sleeping car.

If you want to sleep at first

You should take the upper berth.

You can see travel stations

Passengers of any nations,

They will travel, to my mind,

In carriages of any kind.

If you go on vacation

Go to the railway station,

Try to take a fast express

You’ll be safe in it, not stressed.

But in London it’s better to go b bus and enjoy the beauty of the city. In London we’ve got red and grey-green double-deckers. You can see the city very well from the top.


And as for me I like cars and buses

Cars and buses in our town

Run the streets up and down.

Stop! Look and listen

Before you cross the street.

Use your eyes, use your ears

And then use your feet.


And there is a difference between the traffic in Ukraine and in the UK. As you know in Ukraine you look to the left and then to the right. And in Britain we first look to the right and then to the left. WE’ve got left-hand traffic and everybody must follow the traffic rules.


Our travelling has to stop

You admired it, I hope.

Well, let’s finish it and I

Say “Be lucky and goodbye!”

III.  Заключна частина уроку.


And with that we are coming up to the end of our travelling. I’m happy to say: “We’ve done a good bit of work today. And now I propose to fresh your memory and try to choose the right answer.

How much do we know about Britain? 

  1. – Great Britain is separated from the continent by

a) the Pacific Ocean.                                           b) the British Channel.

c) the Irish Sea.                                                    d) the English Channel.

2. – The Capital of the UK is

a) Edinburgh.                                                                   b) Cardiff.

c) London.                                                                         d) Belfast.

3. – London’s population is more than…..mln. people.

a) 5              b)6                     c)8                d)9

4. – The City is a …center of London.

a) cultural                                                              b) business

c) political                                                              d) industrial

5. – The National Gallery is in…

a) Piccadilly Circus                                                b) Trafalgar Square

c) Parliament Square                                           

IV. Підбиття підсумків.

So, practice your English whenever you have a chance to. Learning English isn’t an easy task. It really takes a lot of energy and time. But don’t be afraid to work hard. I propose you to write your pen-friend about your travelling, write him about places of interest in London.

Good luck!  



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