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УРОК "The role of women in Royal Family"

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Topic: "The role of women in Royal Family" Obbjectives: to introduce and practice the vocabulary; to develop interactive skills based on the country study and on the British Royal women study; to develop the pupil’s memory and attention.
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Topic: The role of women in Royal Family.

Aims and objectives:   to introduce and practice the vocabulary;

 to develop interactive skills based on the country study  and on the British Royal women study;

 to develop pupil’s memory and attention.

Equipment: proverbs, portraits of famous women, project lists, tasks, copies, reports,school newspapers.



  1. Greeting.

Good morning everybody! Nice to see you  again at our English lesson! How are you getting on?

  • Nice to see you, too! We are quite well. Thank you!

Today we are going to work on the topic “Women in Royal Family”.  But first of all I want you do one thing. On your desks you have the Sun and the Cloud. This is your mood forecast. If you have a good mood, add some sun beams to your sun and if you have a bad mood, add some raindrops to the cloud. I give you a few seconds to do this task. Hurry up, please! Time is up! Show your pictures, please! Well, children I see most of you have a good mood and are ready to work. Let’s begin!

  1. Aim and objectives.

So, the theme of our lesson is the role of Women in Royal Family. Now, pupils, let’s think about our objectives for today. Think a little and tell me how you are planning to improve your English at the lesson. What would you like to do today?

  • I’d like to develop my speaking skills today.
  • I’d like to speak English with my friends.
  • I’d like to get new information about the Royal Family.
  • I’d like to present my project.
  • I’d like to get new information about the role of woman. Who is she?
  • I’d like to know about British Royal Family.
  • I’d like to develop interactive skills.
  1. Warm up.

 What words do you associate with the Royal Family?

  • Many duties
  • Royal navy
  • Queen
  • Monarchs
  • Royal Family
  • Empire
  • A throne
  • Residence
  • Palace
  • Reign
  • A crown
  • Prince

What do you know about British Royal Family?

  • Members of the royal family belongs to the House of Windsor.
  • The British Royal family is the group of close relatives of the monarch of the United Kingdom.
  • Buckingham palace is the official residence of the queen.

II. Main part.

  1. Match the phrases:
  1. Royal family
  1. Благодійна робота
  1. Constitutional history
  1. Королівський фліт
  1. Many duties
  1. Багато обов’язків
  1. Royal navy
  1. Заробляти репутацію
  1. Charity work
  1. Королівська родина
  1. Has acquired a reputation
  1. Конституційна історія



  1. Proverbs.

There are a lot of proverbs and sayings about women and men. Your task is make the proverbs from the jumbled words.

  1. A / man / as / a / is / he’s / as / feeling.
  2. A / woman / as / so / is / as / old / she / looks.
  3. rights / Woman’s / are / duties / men’s
  4. A / man / his / has / will, / - but / a / has / her / way / woman
  5. The / woman / runs / who / will / lack / never / followers.
  1. “A man is as old as he’s feeling”
  2. “A woman is as old as she looks”
  3. “The woman who runs will never lack followers”
  4. “A man has his will, - but a woman has her way”
  5. “Woman’s rights are men’s duties”

Good job.

  1. Speaking

Now we know a lot about the residence of the Queen, about the role of famous Royal women. Let’s play game! Who wants to be a journalist? You give some questions to your classmates about royal women. And you, my dear, put ticks what kind of work is your classmates’ reports. OK?! Let’s start!

  • What do you know about the queen Elizabeth II, her childhood, teens, first steps as the queen, about her present reign?
  • What can you say about Diana Frances Spencer? Why did Diana win the hearts of millions of people in many countries? Why did so many people come to London to remember her when she died?
  •  What do you know about Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, her relation to Elizabeth II, about her present reign?
  • What can you retell about Sophie, Countess of Wessex?
  • What do you discuss about Princess Beatrice of York?
  • Why was Princess Eugenie of York the famous?
  • Who is lady Louise Windsor?
  1. Singing the song.

Thank you very much… today we’ve discussed a serious and interesting topic. I think it will be very useful for you. And I think it’s time to sing. You know that Lady Diana, lady d, died in the car accident. And famous composer and singer Elton John dedicated her the song “Goodbye England Rose”. Listen to it and then we will sing it together.

III. Homework

For next lesson you have to prepare the royal family album.

Did you like the lesson?

Which kind of work did you like the best of all?

I see you know a lot  about famous royal women.

You have been so good to0day, that’s why, your marks are “good” and “excellent”

Well done, children. You were great today. I’m pleased with you!

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