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Візитка школи англійською мовою

Про матеріал

Чудово підійде для проведення семінару, саме тому була й створена. Дітям легко було вивчити текст візитівки, лексика - неважка, починається з віршів про школу, вчителів та уроки, далі - детальний опис прозою. В кінці пропонується пісня "Вчать у школі", мінусовку якої ви легко знайдете в інтернеті.)

Перегляд файлу

Business card of school

Всі: Good morning, good morning. School has begun.

Good morning, good morning. It’s fun.

Maths and English, Craft and Arts

All school subjects make you smart.

Useful lessons, noisy breaks

Happy faces, tasty cakes

All school books teach you new,

Teaches spend much time with you.

Growing up with every day

Then your life will be Ok.


This is our Pyatkivka’s school.

We like to go here.

And life in school is so cool

We are together there


School was built in 1976

And there are pupils 106.

We have head master in our school

Here he is – Volodymyr Arsenevych Bahnyuk.

19 teachers in this establishment

Give knowledge to pupils and entertainment.


Our school is a modern two-storeyed building of a typical design. It is situated in the centre of the village.

In front of our school there are flower-beds, where pupils grow different flowers during their biology lessons.


There are different specialized classrooms for the lessons of Physics, Chemistry, Geography and Biology.

In school we have slide projectors; schemes and tables are on the walls.


On the first floor there is our assembly room, where we usually gather to celebrate different holidays.

We decorate the assembly room with colorful balloons, slogans and our pictures.


In the gymnasium we have our classes of physical training and also spend the breaks between the lessons playing volleyball or basketball.


There are also classrooms for junior pupils in our school. They are decorated with large pictures of nature, different things made by the youngest schoolchildren, large posters with alphabet and numbers and so on.


We also have aesthetics classroom where we have the lessons of drawing and music.

The second floor of our school is occupied by English, Ukrainian Geography, Biology and History classrooms.

There one can find different pictures, maps, diagrams and wall newspapers on the walls.


There is also a big historical museum on the second floor.

In Ukrainian and Literature Rooms one can see portraits of Ukrainian poets and writers, posters with the history of the development of Ukrainian costumes.


The canteen and the cloak-room are on the ground floor.

On the whole our school is very clean and light.

There are white curtains on the windows and many flowers on the windowsills.


The corridors are large and full of sunlight. There we can have some rest between our classes or just talk with each other.


School is something,
we must all embrace.
Knowledge we need,
to seek out and chase.

Subjects and teaching styles,

are plentiful and vary.

Just like the backpacks,

we all need to carry.

Sports, clubs, and activities,

at every single turn.

So much to do, study and learn.

To get the most from school,

we should consistently attend.
Around each corner,

there’s always a friend.

Our favourite teachers,

are friendly and kind.
Their passion and job,

to expand every mind.

School is something,

we must all embrace.
Just remember to learn,

at your own pace.


I really like my school,

and just want to say,
That’s where I spend,

most of my day.

I also enjoy learning,

difficult words to spell.
My ears are programmed,

for that school bell.


Всі: I really like my school,

and just want to say,
I’m always excited,

for the very next day.



What school is teaching.

1. To write words like Motherland
In a neat and knowing hand
School is teaching, school is teaching, school is teaching.
Add up figures with a run
Not to tease a younger one
School is teaching, school is teaching, school is teaching.

2. How to build a house for birds
And correctly spell the words
School is teaching, school is teaching, school is teaching.
To be kind and care the books,
Mind our way and mind our looks
School is teaching, school is teaching, school is teaching.

3. To explain the grammar rules,
Watch the raindrops hit the pools
School is teaching, school is teaching, school is teaching.
To obey as well as lead
And to be a friend in need
School is teaching, school is teaching, school is teaching.


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