Вплив комп'ютерів на людину. Позитивні і негативні сторони.

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Темою мого дослідження є комп'ютерні технології та їх вплив на життя людей. Головне завдання - показати важливість комп'ютерних технологій для сучасного та майбутнього життя наших громадян, вивчити білі та темні сторони обчислювального впливу на життя людей.

Метою дослідження є: довідатися більше про історію комп'ютерів та кібернетики та про сфери життя, де зараз використовуються комп'ютери; знайти інформацію про майбутній розвиток інформатики та її майбутній вплив на суспільство;

з'ясувати переваги та недоліки комп'ютерів сьогодні, порівняти їх, з'ясувати вплив комп'ютера на особисте та суспільне життя, здоров'я, освіту, майбутню кар'єру, бізнес, економіку;

щоб дізнатись, чи студенти вважають переваги комп'ютерів, що вони знають про переваги та недоліки комп'ютерів, складання опитувальника, аналізу результатів дослідження, складання таблиць, нанесення діаграм; відвідати кібер-кафе, перевірити деякі веб-сайти; висловити свою думку про результати дослідження; зробити деякі висновки.

Зміст слайдів
Номер слайду 1

* What Is the Influence of Computers on Human Lives? This work is done by Tetyana Shevchenko, the student of form 10-A, Byla Tserkva secondary school № 6 Consulted by the scientific supervisor Svitlana Anatolyivna Kalko

Номер слайду 2

* The theme of my research is computer technologies and their influence on people’s lives. The main task is to show the importance of computer technologies for the present and future life of our citizens, to investigate white and dark sides of compute influence on human lives. The aims of the research are: to learn more about the history of computers and cybernetics and about the spheres of life where computers are used now; to find the information about the future development of computer science and its future influence on the society; to find out the advantages and the disadvantages of computers today, to compare them, to find out computer influence on people’s private and social life, health, education, future career, business, economy; to find out if the students believe in the benefits of computers, what they know about the advantages and the disadvantages of computers, to make a questionnaire, to analyse the results of the research, to compile tables, to draw diagrams; to visit cyber-cafйs, to check some websites; to express the opinion about the results of the research; to draw some conclusions. ;

Номер слайду 3

* The methods of my research are: theoretical methods and practical methods. Theoretical methods are: a method of studying, a method of comparison, a method of analysis. Practical methods are: a method of watching , an observation method, a method of questionnaire. Practical application. Our students like computer technologies and a new information about them. This research can be used at the lessons, in the work of sections, in the out-of-class work.

Номер слайду 4

* We live in the epoch of science and technology. Computer is the most advanced machine that is used in every field of life. We live in the fifth generation of computer technologies. Computers are sometimes called “electronic brains”. They are machines for solving problems. Where are the computers used? I have checked up some web-sites. Attention! Computers are used as a popular household item in education in medicine in business, economy, transport in military, space, police service

Номер слайду 5

* Computers are used as a popular household item to send electronic messages to book plane tickets to check up news, weather to buy presents for friends and family to contact friends on the Internet to listen to the music to exchange information to watch video films to look up train timetable to play computer games

Номер слайду 6

* Computers are used in education to improve reading, writing, arithmetic skills for future career to find the additional information on History, ,Geography, Literature and other subjects in a computer science which is a compulsory school subject

Номер слайду 7

* Computers are used in medicine for health communication to improve the delivery of public health to encourage social norms that benefit health to promote positive changes in socio- economic and physical environment to improve the delivery of public care services to influence the public agenda

Номер слайду 8

* Computers are used in economy and business structures to save millions of square meters of paper and billions of dollars. to achieve significant advances in the efficiency of key energy-using devices, such as vehicles, appliances, and equipment, as well as in larger energy systems, such as cities, transportation systems, industrial processes, and whole buildings. Hydrogen fuel cell

Номер слайду 9

* Brain on a chip? Future computers might use atoms, fibers and light will be nano sized bio - computers inside your body will be small and can fit in a pocket will have artificial intelligence will recognize speech will be connected with robot technology will be everywhere No More Keyboards8

Номер слайду 10

* The Future of Computers ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Biotechnology Weather Control Regenerative Medicine Living Longer

Номер слайду 11

* The Future of Computers Brain Matters. Future breakthroughs in neuroscience could have a great effect on society. Future Communication Flying Cars Space Tourism. Driverless Car

Номер слайду 12

* THE FUTURE OF COMPUTERS Robotic Insects Robotic Pets Mission Invisible Future Phones

Номер слайду 13

* Future Robots Life Like Robots Rescue Robots

Номер слайду 14

* The Practical Part of the Research During my research I also visited many cyber-cafйs. There are 2-3 cyber-cafes in every district of our town nowadays. I was disappointed by the fact that among all those cyber-cafйs there are only four of them in our town where computers have such programmes as Microsoft Office Power Point, Publisher, Word, Excel. As to the other cyber-cafes I can say that the children can only play games, chat and use Internet there. I noticed many children, teen-agers and young adults there. They were playing computer games, communicating on the Internet, watching video films. I must say that not all of these games and films were suitable and right for them. There were many extremely bloody games among those games where the mission of people was to kill as many enemies as they can . To my mind the main threat to younger users of computers are internet pornography and bloody games. I think the presence of sexual content or level of violence should be properly marked and parents are obliged to draw their attention to this problem. Now we can see that computers can have not only a positive but also a negative influence on people’s life.

Номер слайду 15

* The Practical Part of the Research In order to do my research I also questioned the students of four groups of four classes of our school. Each group had 14 students and answered the following questions. QUESTIONNAIRE Do you often use a computer in your everyday life? How does a computer help you in your life? In what other spheres of life do we use computers? What for are computers used in medicine? Do you use the computer for entertainment? How? How can computers destroy people’s social life? How can computers influence your health? Are there any other dark sides of computers? I analysed the results of the questionnaire, compiled the following tables and drew diagrams.

Номер слайду 16

* The Results of the Questionnaire 1. Do you often use a computer in your life? 10-A 10-D 9-G 9-D Yes 13 12 13 12 No 1 2 1 2

Номер слайду 17

* THE ADVANTAGES OF COMPUTERS 2. How does a computer help you in your everyday life? 10-A 10-D 9-G 9-D to contact, to e-mail 12 10 10 9 to do a routine housework 14 14 13 13 makes our life easier 14 14 13 13

Номер слайду 18

* 3. In what other spheres of life do we use computers? a) in education 10-A 10-D 9-G 9-D to find useful information in school subjects 14 12 11 12 In future profession 14 11 10 10 for the development of science and technology 14 14 14 13

Номер слайду 19

* 4. In what spheres of life do we use computers? b) in economy, business 10-A 10-D 9-G 9-D In banks, industries, work of enterprises 14 14 14 14 save time, paper, money 12 12 10 10 in military and police services, space exploration, government institutions 14 12 12 10

Номер слайду 20

* 5. What for are computers used in medicine? 10-A 10-D 9-G 9-D for health communication 12 10 10 9 to control the work of medical instruments 13 12 11 10 to diagnose the diseases 14 13 13 12

Номер слайду 21

* 6. Do you use a computer for entertainment? How? 10-A 10-D 9-G 9-D to play computer games 7 8 7 8 to watch video, to listen to the music 14 14 14 14 to communicate 13 12 13 14

Номер слайду 22

* THE DISADVANTAGES OF COMPUTERS 7. How can computers destroy people’s social life? 10-A 10-D 9-G 9-D there is no more time for physical activity 10 8 6 7 virtual friends and virtual reality instead of real friends and reality 8 8 6 6 people become Internet addicts 9 8 6 7

Номер слайду 23

* 8. How can computers influence your health? 10-A 10-D 9-G 9-D eyestrain 12 10 7 7 headaches 5 4 2 2 musculoskeletal problems 8 7 5 6 electromagnetic radiation 7 5 2 4 Carpal tunnel syndrome 4 3 2 2

Номер слайду 24

* Computer Influence on Health

Номер слайду 25

* 9. Are there any other dark sides of computers? 10-A 10-D 9-G 9-D computer hacking 10 10 6 7 pornography 7 7 7 6 bloody games 7 6 5 5

Номер слайду 26

* Conclusion I can conclude computers make our life easier. Benefits of Computers Computers are necessary in every sphere of life: in economy, business, education system, medicine, transport, in the work of government institutions, police service, etc. They are used for work and entertainment. It takes only a few seconds to load a program into a computer but years to educate a human. Computers connect people all over the world. With the help of computer you can solve your problems without leaving your home. They take a small area. They can be very small. They will be widely used in future. . Computers improve our lives. Computers are very much faster than people and never get tired. The speed of computers is phenomenal. Computers save time and money.

Номер слайду 27

* Conclusion The dark sides of computers: Computer hacking. Hacking does a lot of harm , destroys financial data, breaks security codes Computer pornography Bloody games Less time for sport and physical activity Negative influence on health A threat to become Internet addicts Virtual friends and virtual reality Our students are rather optimistic about computers but computers have dark and white sides, disadvantages and advantages. We must act correctly in order to have benefits of them and to make our planet a better place to live on.

Kalko Svitlana
28 листопада 2018
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