Вправа "Чи знаєш ти модальні дієслова?"

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Вправа "Чи знаєш ти модальні дієслова?" дозволить учням пригадати та систематизувати особливості вживання певних модальних дієслів в англійській мові.
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Modal Verbs

Do you know modal verbs? Do you like them? Let’s see!

Read the sentences and fill in the proper modal verb! Use the Word Bank.

Word Bank: may, might, can, could, should, ought, must

NOTE! Some verbs are used more than once

  1. Look, it is so cloudy outside. I guess it….rain in the evening.
  2. She is the brightest student in my group. She ….speak three foreign languages.
  3. To tell you the truth, I am not fond of fishing, but when I was a child I …..spend hours doing that.
  4. ….I take your laptop? Mine doesn’t work properly. – Yes, sure.
  5. Your cough is so terrible. You ….to consult the doctor.
  6. You are coughing all the time. And you are smoking all the time , too. It’s dreadful. You …..give up smoking!
  7. You look too worried. What’s the matter with you? You….calm down.
  8.   -Will Ben join us?
  • Well, I am really mot sure. He….come to the party, but he is too busy.
  1. - ….you ride a bike when you were 8?
  • Certainly! I ….ride a bike when I was 6.
  • Well done.
  1. –Let’s go to the movies tonight.
  • Oh, I wish I ….I am too busy today.
  • It’s a pity.
  1. I don’t want to tell him lies. I …..tell him the truth and the sooner the better.
  2. The girl is so talented. She ….play the violin so nicely.
  3. Take an umbrella with you. It…drizzle in the afternoon.


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