Екскурсія в місто Дніпро.

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Екскурсія в місто Дніпро із відвідуванням цікавих місць,проведена на англійській мові.
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My Last Excursion. Angelika Kosenko. Form 8 A

Номер слайду 2

Last Wednesday I went on a trip with my class. In addition to my classmates, it were a few people from our school.

Номер слайду 3

Firstly, we went to the fire station. There we saw fire engines and learnt some useful rules.

Номер слайду 4

Then, we went to the Centre of Health. We made sweets, cocktails, that were exclusively of healthy products.

Номер слайду 5

Also, there we learnt how to apply first aid to the victim, how to knit different nodes and much other useful information.

Номер слайду 6

After that we went to the Mc. Donald’s. There we had a bite and were ready to go to the next place.

Номер слайду 7

By the way, on the way to the monastery we saw the biggest arm of Ukraine on one of the local buildings.

Номер слайду 8

When we arrived to the Iveron Mother of God Church, we were delighted with the wonderful area, where monastery is located

Номер слайду 9

There were many green plantations, arches, beautiful benches and even carriage.

Номер слайду 10

Moreover, there were a very luxury columns, made of onyx, luxury lamp and many big icons inside the temple.

Номер слайду 11

In conclusion, I’d like to say, that I liked our excursion very much and invite you to visit it!

22 січня 2019
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