Вправи для розвитку мовленнєвих здібностей на уроках англійської мови

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Вправи , які можна використовувати на уроках англійської мови, щоб розвивати мовленнєві здібності, складені на основі національно-патріотичного виховання
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 для розвитку мовленнєвих здібностей учнів

 на уроках англійської мови








З досвіду роботи

вчителя англійської мови

Плав'я - Вадрусівського НВК

"ЗОШ І-ІІ ст. - ДНЗ"

Тацинець І.І.






1. Describe an ancient Ukrainian house









2. Describe Ukrainian nature








3. Describe seasons in the Carpathians


                                  Autumn                                                        Winter

http://www.autotravel.ua/images/doc/f/b/fb436a3-1.jpg  http://www.ukrcenter.com/!FilesRepository/Photogallery/_GAL1/2_0.jpg




                Spring                                                                           Summer









4. Describe the appearance of this girl





5. Make up as many sentences

as you can about this boy





1. Imagine that you have a chance to do something for your village. Give your suggestions






   2. Give some reasons for tourists why your village is worth visiting in winter





Карпаты 2014 Карпаты 2014




3. You have just arrived in Lviv. You are going to Kherson but your train is late for two hours. What will you do? 






4. Your friend from England is going to visit Kyiv next week. Give him advice where to stay and what to see in the capital



In pairs role-play the situation:


1. "In the shop of embroidery"


A, you are a shop assistant.

B, you are a customer.

You want to buy an embroidered shirt/blouse.








2."At the restaurant of Ukrainian meal"


A, you are a waiter.

B, you are at Puzata Hata.

You want to have a dinner.











3. "At  Lviv handmade chocolate"


A, you are a seller.

B, you are a customer.

You want to buy some sweets.












4. " At Christmas Fair"


A, you are a seller.

B, you are in Lviv at Christmas time.

Buy some souvenirs for your friends.









1. What are the symbols of Ukraine?

2. What Ukrainian food do you know?

3. Name regions of Ukraine.

4. What is the highest mountain of Ukraine?

5. What is the longest river of Ukraine?

6. What is the capital of Ukraine?

7. Who were the founders of Kyiv?

8. What is the main street of Kyiv?

9. What places of interest of Kyiv do you know?

10. What tree is the symbol of our capital?

11. Use adjectives to describe Ukrainian people?

12. Who is the president of Ukraine?

13. What Ukrainian songs do you like?

14. When was Taras Shevchenko born?

15. What Ukrainian writers do you know?

16. What Ukrainian sportsmen do you know?

17. What Ukrainian singers do you know?

18. What Ukrainian actors do you know?

19. When do Ukrainians celebrate Independence Day?

20. When do Ukrainians celebrate Christmas?

21. What do Ukrainians do at Easter?

22. What dishes do Ukrainians cook for Holy Supper?

23. Who is Oleg Ushnevych?





 Чарівна  скарбничка  казок

Read the tale and act out in groups:

The Fox and her children and Nekhailo the loafer


There was once a man by the name of Nekhailo to whom one of his friends left a small vineyard.
Spring came, and Nekhailo went to the vineyard to see what needed to be done there.
“Tomorrow I’ll bring a hoe and weed the grass,” said he.
And  he went away.
Now, hiding in the grass in the vineyard, was a whole family of young foxes. They heard what Nekhailo had said and were very frightened.
The mother fox came home, and they said to her:
“There was a man here, Mother, who said he would come tomorrow and weed the grass. Let us run away!”
“Stay where you are and don’t be afraid,” said the mother fox. “That was Nekhailo who owns this vineyard. I know him. He won’t come soon.”
A long time passed before Nekhailo came to the vineyard again.
He had a hoe with him and was much surprised to see how tall the grass had grown.
He scratched the back of his neck and said:
" I cannot do anything here with a hoe. I think I’ll go home and fetch a scythe.”
And  he went away.
The young foxes heard him and were very frightened.
“Let us run away, Mother!” they cried. “That same man was here again and he went off to fetch a scythe. He’ll come tomorrow and kill us all!”
“Play your games and don’t be afraid!” said the mother fox.
Three months and more passed, and Nekhailo came to the vineyard with a scythe. He tried to cut down the grass, but could not, so thick had it grown. So then he thought for a moment and said:
“I think I’ll go fetch some matches and set fire to the grass.”
“Come, children, now we’d better run away!” said the mother fox.
“For burning the grass is easy, so Nekhailo is sure to do it!”


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