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Урок "Технології. Інтернет"

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Урок -узагальнення вивченого по темі, розвиток навичок усної взаємодії та аудіювання на основі відео.

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Topic  “ Technology. Internet”

Learning objectives: by the end of the lesson students will be able to

      talk about using technology and gadgets

      identify and discuss good and bad points of the Internet after watching a video

      use Present and Past Simple tenses for discussing technology 

Warm up    Today we continue  our work on the topic “Technology. Internet”. You are going to ….  Now in pairs you have 1 minute to come up with different words on the topic you have learnt so far. Take out your smart phones and  scan this QR code. Let’s create a wordcloud, choose and write 3 words which were new or difficult for you. What are these words? 

Vocabulary  practice  Work individually and make one banana sentence using any of these words. Read your sentence, all the rest will try to guess the word.

Speaking  Can you imagine your life without your smartphones or technology? Let’s discuss some questions in pairs, in 2 lines. Get into 2 groups A and B. Group A will not move, group B will move to the right to the next partner when you hear the sound…


1.     Which gadgets are important to you?

2.     What do you usually do with your smartphone?

3.     Which gadget do you think is a waste of money?

4.     How do you keep in touch with your friends?

5.     What social networks do you use and why?

6.     Have you ever had any technical problems?

7.     Are you a computer freak?

Whole class discussion:  Let’s sum up, complete my sentence one by one:

I use the Internet for…? 

      How do you usually get online?  What do you need for this? 

      Are there a lot of hotspots in your town?

      Do you know any unusual places which have wi-fi hotspots?

      Where can’t we browse online?

      Why should you be careful online?

      Do you know any people who worked or still work in the field of technology? Do you recognize this man?  ( Tim Berners-Lee)

Video watching  Part 1    You are going to watch part of a BBC programme to find out who this person is and why he is important. For the first time, watch this video without the sound and try to make your predictions answering my questions: 

ICQs: How will you watch, with or without the sound? What will you do while watching? -What country is it? -Who are these people? -Where have they come to? -What are they doing?

  Before watching the video again, discuss with your partner and complete the sentence: The Internet changed our lives in many ways but ….. (60) percent of the world is still not connected. Open your SB p.57 and check your predictions.

Read the questions Ex. 6, p. 57, watch the video again and answer them. Take some notes while watching.

Writing   Ex.7  What do you think ? Is the Internet good or bad for us? Work in 2 groups: one group will write a list of good points  of using the Internet, the other- bad points. You have 5 minutes.

Video watching  Part 2   Before you watch Part 2 of the video look at the words and match them with their definitions earn--------------make money

government----people who control a country spy on sb--------watch secretly

Watch and check your ideas, whether they are the same. Add some good or bad points  mentioned in the video to your lists. What will you do? ( Answers:

      good: many people become rich because of the Internet, big companies like Amazon,Google earn billions of pounds

      bad: companies become big and powerful, governments use the Internet to spy on people, become addicted to computer games)

Speaking/ Group oral presentation  Now you have 5 minutes to prepare your presentations of advantages and disadvantages  of using the Internet. Present your lists to the whole class. 


Homework WB p.52 ex.6-7 ( 10 questions to the video script)

Peer-assessment Work in groups again. Think back to your own and your groupmates’ work at the lesson and fill in the table of your lesson performance.

Name, Surnam



for the lesson 2-1

Help, respec




Answering questions at the lesson

Group work



come up with ideas in




write/dra w a poster


prese nt group work


















Giving feedback   Answer the questions, go to www.menti.com and enter the code ……, share your answers with a partner.

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