Вікторина "Do you know English"

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Вікторина для учнів 10-11 класів.Матеріал підібрано відповідно до програми з англійської мови.Метою вікторини є: повторити пройдений навчальний матеріал у неформальній обстановці;розвивати творчі здібності учнів. Підвищити інтерес учнів до вивчення англійської мови; підвищити інтерес учнів до вивчення англійської мови.

Змагання складається з 3-х етапів.

1-й етап. Представлення команд. Виступ може супроводжуватися музичним номером , читанням вірша , танцем.

2-й етап. Вікторина «Do you know English well».

3-й етап. Фінал. Нагородження переможця .

Перегляд файлу


Вікторина’’Do you know English”


Цілі вікторини:

1. Повторити пройдений навчальний  матеріал у неформальній обстановці.

2. Розвивати творчі здібності учнів.

3. Підвищити інтерес учнів до вивчення англійської мови

Форма проведення: вікторина

Змагання складається з 3-х етапів.

1-й етап. Представлення команд. Виступ може супроводжуватися музичним номером , читанням вірша , танцем.

2-й етап. Вікторина «Do you know English well».

3-й етап. Фінал. Нагородження переможця . 


I. Вступне слово вчителя:

Good afternoon , everybody !

Dear pupils and guests! I’m very glad to meet you and welcome you to our lesson. It will be an unusual lesson – a competition between the teams of our pupils. Now I want to introduce the participants of our competition, the pupils who love and know English. So, meet the teams and their captains. I wish you good luck and success, our dear pupils. Be very attentive and don’t be afraid, everything will be all right.

1-й етап.

Капітани по черзі представляють команди.

2-й етап.

Вчитель: Thank you very much. And now dear boys and girls, let's start our English Quiz.

1) We’ve come to ROUND I of the competition. It is very easy and very difficult at the sametime, because you must complete the proverbs! You will answer one by on. For every correct ending I will give you 1 point.

1 East or west … (home is best)

2 Every country … (has its customs)

3 All is well … (that ends well)

4 Better late … (than never)

5 A good beginning … (makes a good ending)

6 First think … (then speak)

7 A friend in need … (is a friend indeed)

8 There is no place … (like home)

9 An apple a day … (keeps a doctor away)

10 Everything is good … (in its seasons)

11 So many countries … (so many customs)

12 Never put off till tomorrow … (what you can do today)

2) Вчитель: Thank you, your answers were perfect. And now we’ll pass to ROUND II.  I’ll give you some sentences. All of them have grammar mistakes. Your task is to correct them. For every corrected mistake you will get 1 point.


1 We see a cartoon last night

2 A tree is more taller than a flower

3 Ann is the most prettiest girl in her form

4 Bob didn’t went to the library yesterday

5 Jack don’t like hamburgers

6 We wasn’t happy yesterday

7 My hands is clean

8 May I have a apple, please?


Keys: 1 saw, 2 no “more”, 3 no “most”, 4 go, 5 doesn’t, 6 weren’t, 7 are, 8 an

3) T: Do you like to guess the puzzles? Of course, you do. That is the ROUND III. I’ll read a puzzle and our teams answer in turn. For every correct answer I’ll give you 1 point

1 It is red and sweet. It is good to eat (an apple)

2 What has four legs, it is not an animal? (a table)

3 It has no legs but just for fun, it always on the run (a ball)

4 An old with 12 children, some short, some long, some cold, some hot    (a year)

5 It is white, cold and sweet. All children like to eat (ice-cream)

6 Five sons with one name (fingers)

7 It is not a man, it is not a woman, but it teach me (a book)

8 What year lasts only one day? (New Year)

9 What month of the year is the shortest in spelling? (May)

10 What man cannot live inside the house? (a snowman)


4) Т: That is the ROUND IV. The Britain Quiz has 20 questions . There are three answers to each question but only one of them is correct. You should raise the card with the number of the correct answer . Good luck to you !


1. What is the official name of the country whose language you study?

a ) Great Britain b ) England c ) the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

2. How many countries does the United Kingdom consist of?

a) four b ) three c ) two

3. What is the capital of the UK?

a ) Cardiff b ) Dublin c ) London

4. What is the symbol of the United Kingdom?

a ) a bald eagle b ) Britannia c ) a rose

5. What is the fastest way to cross the English Channel?

a ) through the Channel Tunnel b ) by boat c ) by ferry

6. What is the most important airport in Great Britain?

a ) Heathrow Airport b ) Gatwick Airport c ) Stansted Airport

7. English children start going to school at the age of:

a ) 7 b ) 6 c ) 5

8. There are 2 days a week when British pupils don't go to school. They are :

a ) Sunday and Monday b ) Friday and Saturday c ) Saturday and Sunday

9. Who helps schoolchildren to cross the street near the school?

a ) a policeman b ) a lollipop man c ) a fireman

10. What is the school - leaving age in the United Kingdom?

a ) 16 b ) 13 c ) 18

11. What is the highest mark in British schools?

a ) A b ) C c ) G

12. What is the London residence of Queen Elizabeth II?

a ) the Tower of London b ) Windsor Castle c ) Buckingham Palace

13. Where is Nelson's Column situated?

a ) in Parliament Square b ) in Trafalgar Square c ) in Piccadilly Circus

14. Earth Day is celebrated:

a ) in winter b ) in summer c ) in spring

15. He was English. He was born in 1564. He was a writer and actor.

a ) Ch. Chaplin b ) W. Shakespeare c ) Robert Burns

16. The environment organization is:

a ) Oxfam b ) Save the children c ) Greenpeace

17. Which of these cities is not in Britain?

a ) New York b ) London c ) Oxford

18. Lewis Carol was :

a ) a teacher b ) an actor c ) a writer

19. The Beatles came from:

a ) Liverpool b ) Manchester c ) Birmingham

20. Which holiday is on the 25th of December?

a ) Christmas Day b ) Halloween c ) Easter

5) Т: That is the ROUND V. Put these holidays in the correct order:

a)      New Year’s Day,

b)      April Fool’s Day,

c)      St. Valentine’s Day,

d)     Christmas

6) Т: That is the ROUND V. Tongue twisters.

1. If you, Sandy, have two candies

Give one candy to Andy, Sandy

2. A cup of coffee from a copper coffee pot

3. A little pot is soon hot

4. Bobby brings bright bells

5. Seven Santas sing silly songs

6. Santa’s sack sags slightly

7. Chilly children cheerfully chant

7) Вчитель: Now it's high time to organize last competition - ROUND VII. Dear friends! You get a card with a long word. You have to make other words from the letters it contains . The letters can be used in any order. I give you five minutes. The winner is the participant who finds the largest number of words .


(In the card: Personality. The answer: person, son, noisy, tea, reason, net, rest, pen, tiny, etc.)


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